June, 2016 Dinner to Benefit Jerry L. McMillan, EMTP



I'm sitting in the PICU at Egleston room 4123 with James. Jen is here with Eric he is on the floor for observation room 5255. Lise is at Kennestone in the ICU on a vent her brother Chuck is staying her. It ripped my heart out that I had to leave her side but I knew James needed me. Lise was on her way home to pick me up, the boys had a doctors appointment downtown at 1400 hours. All I know is someone called me, asked if I was Jerry and that my family had been involved in a head on MVC on Tanyard Creek Rd. which is maybe .5 miles from our home.

When I arrived on-scene I was looking at two silver vehicles that were destroyed. Lise's 2004 Nissan Murano was literally beyond recognition. All she could tell me at the time was that the other car was completely in her lane and traveling at a high rate of speed. Thank God everyone wears their seatbelt, if not I truly do not believe they would have survived. The impact pushed the front end into the motor through the firewall pushing the dash and panel into the driver/passenger compartment.

James suffered a fractured left humerus, torn cervical ligament's and a bleed in his brain at the brain stem. Kennestone wanted to fly him to CHOA but we couldn't due to weather restrictions and had to transport him by ground ICU ambulance. To everyone's amazement he should not be able to answer all questions and tell everyone he is going to be Thor for halloween but he is doing just that.

All the doctors and neurologist at both Kennestone and Egleston are stymied that the CT shows an area of the brain that has bleeding as well as some swelling. And all the books and similar cases they see weekly says that this child is supposed to be unconscious and in critical condition....yet he's not....can we say God has done the impossible!!! 

Eric is ok, less a sore mouth and tounge. He is being observed to make sure there is no abdomen issues.

 I want to recognize as many people as I can. Bartow County Fire and EMS for taking care of my family and playing a key role in saving Lise's life. Kennestone it was comforting having familiar faces taking care of not just my family but of me as well. From Nichole the charge nurse who I spoke to when I called to Vicki Coppola, Ashlie Hege, Dr. Polite, Trauma care coordinator Carey Krueger, Rev. Tim Morrison.

I was blown away when Wellstar's COO Monte Wilson showed up in the ED to check on me and my family. Metro Atlanta supervisor Phil who took Aunt Jen to CHOA Egleston, Metro Atlanta crew Elesa Sanders and Field Operations Supervisor Adam Herman who transported / cared for James. To all of Lise's co-workers from the best NICU in the state of Georgia that came to check on her and my family. John PICU nurse at Egleston that is taking care of James at this moment.

To all of my family, friends and co-workers for your prayers and support. Of which I am going to need continued love, support and prayers. Financially I don't know what we are going to do, I was out of work from April 27 until the end of August after extensive back surgery stemming from a work related injury. I have been on light duty helping my ED Director with administrative paperwork. I am going to be out of work for another several months taking care of my family with no income at all. Please pray for this as well.

Go home hug and kiss your spouse and kids, tell them you love them because you truly do not know when you may never see them again. I know I almost lost mine today! We're still not out of the woods yet..."

Our Musical Guest: Savannah Ellison

is from Warner Robins, Ga, a graduate of Kennesaw State University and  the creative coordinator at NorthStar Church. Leading worship is her number one passion and some of her favorite things include eating ice cream, watching baseball, and reading.