June 11th, 2019 at 6:30 PM Helping One Guy Dinner Honors Matthew Faddis




Matt Faddis-June 2019 HOG from NSC Kennesaw on Vimeo.

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Matthew is 33 and was born in Sacramento, CA. He grew up in San Francisco before moving to Georgia in '98. He attended North Cobb High School and married at 23 when he met his Wife, Ericka (29). Married for 10 years this coming May, with four incredible children; Addison (8), Malachi (6), Aspen (3), and Hazel (1.5).  

Matthew has been battling Crohn's disease for several years. He has had two bowel surgeries and a total of almost 3 ft of intestine removed, which now prevents him from absorbing nutrition properly and has contributed to his weight loss. He has also developed Candida on multiple occasions, which is a fungal infection that added additional complications. He has been admitted to the hospital many times under “failure to thrive”. Matthew is 6’3” and has gotten down to 128 lbs.  He now receives Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), which allows him to get all daily nutritional requirements, through a nightly infusion.

Over the course of many hospital stays and Doctor's visits we have not received any answers on how to get Matthew back to living a healthy and productive life. We have learned of the Goldberg Clinic in Kennesaw GA, which has had great success with autoimmune disease and nutrition through more holistic methods. It is very apparent that traditional medicines are not working for Matthew. Unfortunately, the clinic does not take insurance and it is not cheap. We are praying and hoping for assistance so Matthew can get the treatment he needs to get well so he can once again lead a normal life and get back to being the great husband and father he wants to be.

One of his biggest needs is his teeth, which (without absorbing needed nutrition) have been deteriorating at a very quick pace. We have been told all teeth will need extraction and implants or dentures will be used. 

Matthew is an entrepreneur and owned a successful water restoration and plumbing business, but unfortunately had to let it go due to his illness and frequent hospital visits preventing him from being able to properly run his company.

>>> DONATE VIA CONTINUE TO GIVE: https://www.continuetogive.com/4859148 <<<