April 10, 2018 at 6:30 PM Helping One Guy Dinner Honors Jim Shortley



Jim Shortley was a hard working man all his life.  He ran an Aluminum Construction business in Florida for 32 years.  After moving his family to Georgia in 1992, he continued to run his business, by flying back and forth to Florida.  He sacrificed lots of time with his family, so that he could provide a nice life for them.  With his wife, Linda, they now have three adult children.  The oldest daughter, Jamie, who has a heart and passion to help others and her hard-working, supportive, kind husband, Brian, have three boys.  The Shortley's have been blessed to be living within a mile of their three grandsons.  Stacey is the second oldest and she is dealing with MS, a debilitating disease that has put her into a wheelchair since 2010. This young lady is amazing in how she never gives up. A.J. is their son, who recently married the lovely Lindsey.  She has been a great addition to their family. She has such a kind heart and is sweet as can be.  A.J. and Lindsey are both in school getting their Master's in Theology (A.J. got his Master's in Divinity last year) Both of them will graduate in May. 

In 2004, Jim had to have bones removed from his foot, due to diabetes.  This surgery put him in a wheelchair. It's been life changing.  Even with his wheelchair, he was able to travel back and forth to run his business.  In 2008, the construction crunch hit everywhere, especially Florida.. After a year of trying to keep his business open, he had to close shop.  This was devastating to the family, financially.  No income, and Jim going on Social Security Disability.  Through the grace of God and so many friends, they've been able to stay afloat. 

Last May, Jim was hospitalized for three (3) months, in four (4) different hospitals. Jim nearly died from a very serious surgery and a sepsis body. His heart was acting in a bad way that it had never acted before.  When they took him away for the surgery his family actually thought that they were saying "Good Bye" for good.   After coming home, three months later, there was some PT and OT, but that didn't last long.  He was getting stronger, and then all of a sudden in September 2017 he wasn't able to move his right leg.  He tried to get into his vehicle, which carried his wheelchair on the back lift, as he had done so many, many times before, but he just couldn't stand. The doctors think he may have had a small stroke.  This was all new.  From that point on, until November 2017 he wasn't able to leave the house.  A Go Fund Me account was set up to help get a van that he could drive into.  That has made all the difference in the world.  They still owe on the van and the medical bills are still there, after a three month stay in four hospitals, you can only imagine the debt.    

Being invited to be the recipient at the H.O.G dinner is such an honor.  There are no words that could express their appreciation.  

Thank you for coming out to support not only Jim, but his entire family.