March 13, 2018 at 6:30 PM Helping One Guy Dinner Honors Rick Lane



Rick Lane is the husband of Jennifer and the father of their 3 boys: Matthew age 19, Zachary age 16, and Nicholas age 14. He works for OFI Classic Cars and is also a self-employed man who fixes and restores cars. Matthew, the oldest son of Rick and Jen is a full-time student working toward an engineering degree at Kennesaw University. He is also working on his pilots license at McCollum Airport in Kennesaw, Georgia. Zachary and Nicholas are both students of the Georgia Cyber Academy. They both have goals of furthering their education after high school.

On December 8th, the lives of the Lane family were tragically altered when a tree branch broke and fell on Rick’s wife, Jen, when he was enjoying a walk in the beautiful snow with her and their youngest son, Nick. Jen sustained multiple injuries, but the injury to her spine has resulted in paralysis of her lower body. This life changing event is not only difficult on Jen, but also on Rick and their boys. They have all had to take on some new responsibilities that Jen always took care of at home. Rick is doing the best he can to make sure the boys’ needs are met, he is working 6 to 7 days a week to keep their finances in order, and goes to Shepherds to be with Jen almost every single day.

Rick and the boys are anxiously waiting for the day that Jen can come home. The love they have for Jen will help her be determined to enjoy life that will be filled with changes and challenges.