Mike Bernowski

February 8, 2023

Mike and Mindy Bernowski recently moved to a new home in Acworth. With boxes still unpacked, Mike started to clean the gutters for the first time in his new house. While trying to reach a far corner, Mike’s ladder slipped off the roof and he fell to the ground. Mindy, working in the kitchen, saw the whole thing happen from the window and was able to respond immediately. Mindy is a recently retired cardiac nurse and was able to care for Mike until the first responders came. EMS reached Mike in a short amount of time and took him straight to Kennestone hospital, where he was rushed to surgery. Mike made it through a successful surgery. He is now paralyzed from the waste down and is living in a rehabilitation center with Mindy by his side every day. Needless to say, Mike and Mindy now face a complicated road of transition and challenges. When speaking with them, they were so humble and appreciative for the outpouring of love being sent their way. As involved members of North Star Church, Mike mentioned he is used to being the one giving to others – not the person receiving. They remain faithful and positive, and willing to take on each challenge that comes their way.