Jim Sanborn 🕊️

October 9, 2018

This is my husband dear Jim Sanborn. And yes he is my hero. My superman. Let me just briefly describe our life beginning with March 28, 2018.

This is my husband dear Jim Sanborn.  And yes he is my hero.  My superman.  Let me just briefly describe our life beginning with March 28, 2018.

Speaking for both of us that was probably the worst day of our life.  This was the day that he was given the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.  And what a struggle it was from that time until about a week ago.  Jim went from a vibrant man able to do all things for himself. Mowing the grass. Doing handiwork around the house. There was hardly anything he couldn’t do. So to be totally incapacitated and losing over 30 pounds was a deep dark night of the soul.  This journey of pancreatic cancer has certainly shown us how great our trust in God is as He is drawing us closer and closer to Him through all of this and many miracles. 

From the time he was diagnosed until the time he had surgery (The Whipple, the hardest surgery a person could have) June 7th, he lost over 30 pounds.  He hardly could eat, had continuous pain and basically he was unable to do much for himself except sleep and eat some supplemental pudding and his ensure drinks.  We are not really super emotional or crying people but we sure had our times during those months. 

As of this day, the middle of August, he is doing so much better.  He still has a good way to go in getting his strength back and putting on weight.  But he’s gained finally about 4 pounds and at least moving in a better direction.  Thank you, Jesus.  God gave us a wonderful scripture in Lamentations 3:23 and that scripture has been our manna from Heaven along with many others but that in particular.  Friends and family have been and continue to be our “Jesus with skin”. 

Jim and I are both so happy and blessed and feel so very honored that he was chosen to be the recipient for the month of October.  Please join us in this life celebration.  We haven’t been to church since the end of March as I’ve had my own surgeries and my own health issues.  Hopefully, next month in September, we will both find ourselves back at church. Our wonderful NorthStar family!

God Bless,

The Sanborns