Jaye Richardson 🕊️

June 26, 2023

Jaye’s cancer journey began two years ago when he was away on National Guard training in Mississippi. He started experiencing headaches and memory lapses, which prompted his wife to make an appointment with a primary care doctor upon his return home. The doctor ordered a scan, which revealed that Jaye had a brain tumor. In June 2021, Jaye underwent his first brain surgery. The surgery was successful, and he quickly returned to work. He later underwent radiation and took pill-form chemotherapy. Before his cancer diagnosis, Jaye worked in cybersecurity, and the family, including his eight-year-old daughter, lived a comfortable life, making plans for the future. However, the cancer reoccurred in the fall of 2022. Jaye enrolled in a clinical trial at Emory University, which required a second surgery. The treatment protocol after the second surgery caused brain swelling and increased symptoms. This led to a rapid decline in Jaye’s condition since February. Jaye’s journey has not only impacted him but also his family, including his daughter who is finishing up second grade. He now needs a cane to walk and has difficulty speaking coherently.