Jeff Pruet

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Aug 13


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The Story

Jeff Pruet is a former Paulding County 911 operator, EMT, and firefighter, where he helped save many lives.

Married to Angie for 24 years, their relationship began one Saturday when Jeff volunteered to help a “friend-of-a-friend” move into an apartment. The beneficiaries of Jeff’s generosity were Angie and her three children, and so began their lifelong love. Shortly after their wedding, Jeff adopted those kids – and a few years afterward, God blessed Jeff and Angie with a child together. The couple now has four children, and six grandchildren. For many years, Jeff has served on the production team at Crossroads Church, where he has also volunteered with the Student ministry and he’s often driven the bus for church events.

On December 30, 2023, Jeff and Angie’s daughter, Kaitlyn (age 25), was involved in a traumatic car accident. She sustained the worst possible kind of brain injury (diffuse axonal injury or DAI) and has been in a coma since the impact. Kaitlyn spent 22 days in the trauma ICU before being moved, first to a rehab facility and then, back to Jeff and Angie’s home. Unfortunately, no facility has the staffing to allow for a one to one Care Tech-to-patient ratio so Jeff and Angie have to be present virtually all the time to assist in giving Kaitlyn the absolute best care possible. Of course, as Kaitlyn’s next of kin, they are her primary advocates and closely monitor her care and progress.

It is mind boggling much care Kaitlyn needs while in a coma. Changing her position every two hours to prevent pressure wounds (or bed sores), bathing her, washing & putting up her hair to prevent matting, chapstick for her lips, lotion for her skin, a very involved process of changing her (easily a 20 minute process each time). Baths can take two hours. Oral care is also a real challenge.

Kaitlyn’s accident has been devastating to the family. Jeff tried to balance working to pay the bills with staying at Kaitlyn’s bedside. He used up all of his available FMLA to attend her doctor appointments. Then, a ruptured disc in his back force him to stop working entirely. While Jeff is strong in his faith that God will provide, the family’s expenses continue to mount. With Kaitlyn’s condition, just one round trip transportation for one doctor’s appointment costs $400 out of pocket. As they begin more therapies & testing their expenses will increase due to extended wait times for the appointments. Currently they take Kaitlyn to Grady Hospital in downtown Atlanta for her specialists. Every day, the family goes through 10+ diapers, several absorbent bed pads and multiple sets of gloves.

Needless to say, Jeff Pruet and his family are struggling physically, emotionally, and financially. Jeff is a loving husband, devoted father and a doting grandfather. He is a servant leader, and he is a hero to our community. Jeff is the kind of hero who runs in when others are running out, who steps up when others would step back. Now, faced with this incredible hardship, Jeff needs the love and support of our community. This is our opportunity to step up to Help this One Guy.


Northstar Church
3413 Blue Springs Rd, Kennesaw, GA 30144

What to Expect

No, the event is free but all of the honorees are going through a time of crises so donations are encouraged.

The food is catered by that dinner’s restaurant sponsor.

We provide volunteer musicians and speakers that will honor and encourage. 

Wear something casual and respectful to the honoree.