David Burrell

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Apr 13


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

The Story

Helping One Guy is a registered 501c3 that honors a man and his family in a time of life-changing crisis. You can donate online or at the dinner. Meals are provided as well as music as a speaker. Cole Ragsdale, Reach Pastor at Northstar Church will speak.

David is husband to Eileen adoptive father to Eileen’s two girls, Naysa and Rachel.  They moved to Georgia 12 years ago when David began working at Lockheed Martin.  They began attending NorthStar Church a year after they moved to Kennesaw.  David and their youngest daughter, Rachel serve on the production staff and Eileen and their oldest daughter, Naysa serve in the Nursery.

When COVID hit in 2020, David was able to continue working through the pandemic closings and even managed to save up a little bit of money.  Then, in 2021 David and Eileen were served a Notice to Vacate so the house they were living in could be renovated, which caused many issues during a booming housing market.  Fortunately they were able to purchase the home they had been living in, but it completely wiped out any savings they had.

Rachel had been complaining of neck pain and began seeing specialists to determine the cause of her issues.  She began her Senior year at Allatoona High School in August of 2021. In early September, Rachel contracted COVID.  Unfortunately two days later, David tested positive for COVID and pneumonia, almost causing him to be hospitalized.  Eileen and Naysa also ended up with COVID before the week had ended.  This caused the family to miss the entire month of school and work.

At the end of September, Rachel was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer.  Eileen continued to miss work due to multiple Doctors appointments to prepare for surgery.  On November 8th, Rachel had her Thyroid removed, along with 17 Cancerous lymph nodes and a bone in her lower jaw. Due to Rachel’s COVID, her recovery was slow and she struggled with regaining strength and energy.

With the new mortgage, David and Eileen began to feel the struggle of making ends meet.  The medical bills have been piling up and Rachel has had multiple doctors appointments, further preventing Eileen from working.  In addition, David was unable to get any overtime at his job.

Financial issues have continued to come up, including expensive auto repairs, broken appliances in the house, a water leakage that tripled their past two months’ bills. On top of that, Eileen’s Aunt passed away in early December and David had to pull money from his retirement in order for the family to attend her funeral.  The family had a quiet Christmas at home by themselves.

Rachel had full body scan in January and the radiologist noticed some additional uptake in her chest, indicating the possibility of Cancer in her chest.  She began radiation treatment as well.  Her follow up scans will be repeated to determine if the radiation treatment was successful or if further procedures need to be done.

David and Eileen have both taken on additional jobs to try and counteract the financial struggle they have been going through.  They keep their trust in God and know He will see them through and will provide for their needs, and will heal Rachel from her Cancer.


Northstar Church
3413 Blue Springs Rd, Kennesaw, GA 30144

What to Expect

No, the event is free but all of the honorees are going through a time of crises so donations are encouraged.

The food is catered by that dinner’s restaurant sponsor.

We provide volunteer musicians and speakers that will honor and encourage. 

Wear something casual and respectful to the honoree.